Mind the Gap

Pernille Ripp published this great challenge for administrators recently in which she addressed the gap that often exists between teachers and administrators head on. Her entire post is powerful and has stuck with me over the past few days. It has had me thinking about a few changes that could have a profound impact on the trust between administrators […]

Unshared Ideas

I’ve really been enjoying reading Walter Isaacson’s recent book, The Innovators. It’s a history of the computer and the Internet that also explores what made the groups and individuals such visionary leaders and entrepreneurs when their respective innovations took off. Reading through an early section recently, I felt like the story of John Vincent Atanasoff’s experience with innovation really […]

I Feel Like a Fake

Confession time–I feel like a fake. Earlier this week I decided to take on a new challenge: sketchnoting. I saw a tweet that pointed me to some resources and provided a few manageable first steps. #iplza15 Resources for my 12:15 session Being Sketchy in School (a workshop on sketchnoting & #vizlit ) https://t.co/SLU9ApjWUz — Tracy […]