Chapter 8 – Working With Survivors

Summary from the introduction of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth:

The unfortunate reality is that we work alongside people who do not have the desire to THRIVE. Whether our colleagues are mired in the status quo or simply overwhelmed with the demands of our work, some have accepted that “just get me through the day/week/year” mindset of a survivor. Anticipating some of the common responses survivors share can be the difference in frustration and freedom in our work as we seek to THRIVE.

Questions for reflection:

Think of an issue or change to which you strenuously objected, aloud or otherwise, that ultimately turned out well. How did you come to see it differently? What helped you the most?

What’s a practice, event, or policy at your school that you don’t want to see changed? If you examine the reasons, what do you come up with?