10 Big Ideas From #TCEA16

I recently had the chance to engage with so many influential educators at TCEA in Austin, and I have a lot floating around in my head that’s waiting to find a landing place. That conference is definitely one where part of the challenge is managing all the new ideas and considering what challenges you’ll accept before […]

The Questioner and the Doubter

I’m all for healthy discontent. I think it’s helpful for us to think through and rethink through ideas. It’s often how innovation happens. It’s often how creativity happens. But there’s a real difference in being someone who is seeking to bring about positive change in a situation and being someone who is a curmudgeon. So, […]

Got a Question?

Think about the question you’re thining that you’re not asking. You’re not alone. We all have questions we’re wondering about, things that can’t be asked (or at least haven’t been asked yet). What are those things? Why can’t we talk about them? Why not position ourselves as the leaders who are willing to ask those questions? I’ll […]

The Right Stories

We like a good story. No, not just me (which could very well be the case in some situations for this former English teacher). We all do. Stories drive us to do more, want more, and achieve more. They’re how we relax, how we inspire, and often, they’re how we find our place. Sometimes, though, I […]