Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth

No educator has the energy to waste time on anything other than productive use of their time, but so many fail to realize the impact of operating under a false understanding of what successful teaching actually looks like.

I’m on a mission to shatter the myth of the perfect teacher by equipping educators with strategies that help them THRIVE. In the book and on this blog, you’ll learn how to shift out of survival mode and how to thrive through…

Teaching expectations to get everyone on the same page
Hooking your students to increase engagement and community
Rejecting isolation to create a powerful support system
Imagining ways your work can be better on the path to success
Valuing vulnerability to empower students to take risks
Everyday conversations—the foundation for meaningful relationships

If you’re tired of simply surviving and are ready to thrive, join me in Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth.


Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth is out! I’ve linked in many of the resources that I mentioned in the book as well as others I come across as I continue to explore the ideas that help teachers THRIVE!

Blogging to THRIVE pdf (selected questions from the book for reflection and blogging)

Chapter 1 – Teaching Expectations

Chapter 2 – Hook Your Students

Chapter 3 – Reject Isolation

Chapter 4 – Imagine it Better

Chapter 5 – Value Vulnerability

Chapter 6 – Everyday Every Day

Chapter 7 – Inviting Others to THRIVE

Chapter 8 – Working with Survivors

Chapter 9 – When We’re Not Enough