Books Worth Reading: Connected Educators

BooksWorthReadingIt’s the last week of school in my district, and my to be read pile is calling my name. In case you don’t have your summer reading list finalized, I thought I would share the titles I’ve learned a great deal from recently.

Each day this week, I’ll share a five books that I think are worth a look. Today’s post focuses on five several titles (I couldn’t limit it to just five this time…) that will challenge you to be a connected educator.

connected educatorsFirst up is What Connected Leaders Do Differently. Todd Whitaker, Jeff Zoul, and Jimmy Casas collaborated to create a thorough yet streamlined text that explores the role of connected educators in today’s educational environment. Whether you are looking to get connected or are already swimming in the deep end, this book will challenge you to engage in new ways.

relevantThe same goes for The Relevant Educator by Tom Whitby and Steven W. Anderson. Both authors are connected leaders, and their text is a fantastic primer for any educators looking to get connected. The slim volume (it comes in at 65 pages in length) covers how to guide your professional development, choose the best social media options for you, and transfer your new knowledge back to your campus. This highly recommended text you can read in a sitting is part of the Corwin Connected Educators Series.

content curationContent Curation by Steven W. Anderson provides a great deal of insight for educators who are looking to sift through the vast amount of resources that are out there for educators today. He offers tips on platforms to use, ways to schedule posts, what to schedule, and why to take content curation seriously. If you’re drowning in the great resources out there or feel like you can’t keep up with all the good material, this is for you. Since it’s part of the Corwin Connected Educators series, this, too, is a quick read full of valuable resources.

I promise that I’m not connected to Corwin Press in any way; I just happened to have stumbled upon their collection and have benefited so greatly from their publications that I feel compelled to share. Here are three more you should check out.

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Shen_DigitalLeadershipNo list on connected leadership is complete without Eric Sheninger’s Digital Leadership. His authoritative text explores why schools must change, how they can make meaningful change happen, and how educators can help make the desired change a reality. He touches on communication, public relations, branding, reimagining learning spaces on campus and many more aspects of digital leadership that educators today wrestle with. Highly recommended reading!

Thanks for reading this far! If you’re reading, connect with me on Twitter (@aaron_hogan) so we can learn from each other online.

Be sure to check out the three previous posts on creativity and innovationinfluencing school culture, and curriculum and instruction. Tomorrow’s post will feature five books on that are not out yet. I’m looking forward to their publication this summer, and I hope you do as well.

Hope you enjoy some time reading this summer!

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