Chapter 2 – Hook Your Students

Summary from the introduction of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth:

The best teachers convince their students they have something valuable, exciting, and useful to teach them. Those same teachers also know they have to set the scene. Lacking the right conditions, the deck could be stacked against you all year. We will explore how to set up a classroom environment where students belong and feel part of a dynamic community.


Questions for reflection:

What are some ways you can engage some of the disconnected students in your classroom? What content do you teach that could be reworked into an engaging experience for students?

What are some of your personal interests that you could share with your class to engage disconnected or invisible students?

Like students, teachers don’t learn by osmosis; they must be taught and allowed to learn and progress over time. Think about your own experience with compliance and student engagement. What do you wish you could go back and tell yourself at the beginning of this week? This year? Your career?