Service as White Space


Today reminded me that my work can’t always serve as white space.

I really do enjoy what I do, but I need a break from it more often than I’d like to admit to myself.

This morning, around 5:45am (far, far earlier than I’d like to be up on Sunday morning), I was standing in 6 inches of water, prepping aid stations for a marathon that was happening in town.

And it was fun. Really, it was.

Racing back and forth between two aid stations in preparation for nearly 4,000 runners quickly turned to cheering on runners who slogged through rain, a nearly 20 degree temperature drop, and water everywhere. Everywhere.

As much as the morning was made up of things I don’t normally like (soaking rains, saturated clothing, the morning…), it ended up being a great day and a great time of serving others.

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2 Replies to “Service as White Space”

  1. Thanks for serving in this way Aaron. I’ve run a few marathons in the past and the encouragement received at aid stations is so necessary for a runner to complete the 26.2 mile course!

    1. It was a blast! I had a lot of fun yelling out info about the upcoming aid station as well as things like, “We’re so glad you made it! It was so lonely before you all got here!”

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