A Winter Blogging Habit

91 Days of Blogging (2)

Winter can be tough.

As the seasons change, our habits get upset. Things we could do, we can’t.

It’s dark outside, it’s wet outside, and it’s an unwelcome change in many respects. However, like most experiences with change, there has to be a way we can make the best of this situation.

Enter Mark French (@PrincipalFrench on Twitter), a member of the LeadUpChat tribe, and a fantastic educator with whom you must connect if you have not already done so.

Last week, Mark shared an insightful connection about how the Norwegians have to deliberately celebrate the winter for what it brings. Failure to do so would put them at risk of succumbing to the overwhelming changes that come with a winter at such a northern longitude.

He made the connection and shared this wonderful idea–blogging every day of the meteorological winter calendar. That means posting a blog every day from December 1st until February 29th.

This is not happening without a healthy mix of both trepidation and excitement. I’m excited to take on an idea that scares me, and I’m worried that I will publicly fail at the task at hand. The reality is that I will likely miss a day, and I need to be good with being fairer to myself about my limits.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to try out a few new structures for my blog posts–things I wouldn’t try normally, but that I could grow into with a more regular blogging habit.

I’m anticipating the habit of white space that this will require of me. I need to take the time for myself to grow in order to be the husband, dad, assistant principal, and leader that I hope to be. This, rather publicly, allows me to call myself into action.

More than anything, I’m looking forward to daily finding the positive, life-giving, learning experiences and spending some intentional time focusing on reflection upon and sharing of those growth experiences.

I hope you’ll join me in the journey.

I’m not going to be tagging people regularly in these posts. Tagging people with whom I am connected in 91 consecutive days of posts seems like a great way to make people hate me. So, if you’re interested in seeing these posts regularly, find me on Twitter or subscribe via email (look for that under the “Don’t miss a post” heading on the column to the right). 


2 Replies to “A Winter Blogging Habit”

  1. Ro Menendez says:

    I’ll cheer for TEAM AARON! It’s a testament to your commitment to share with all of us the experiences that help you think, change, and grow. If it’s any sort of motivation I am subscribing to your blog and will read it daily (almost) so at least you know you have some readers expecting to hear from you.

    There’s something that I would like to point out and commend you on; you are amazing at making your posts short and satisfying. I have much to learn about this from you!

    Happy blogging and Holidays!


    1. Ro! Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your encouragement, and I’m really glad we’ve connected through #CSISDchat this semester.

      I’m looking forward to continuing to learn together.


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