How Valuable is White Space?

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I’ve had a great deal of conversation about white space recently.

LeadUpChat focused on it for a month, and several members of the LeadUp tribe wrote about the idea as they reflected on it. I’ve even added to the conversation here recently.

If you’re new to the concept, the idea is that we all need white space–time to invest in rest and recuperating from all of our work that asks us to pour out into others.

I was reminded of this with this beautiful piece I came across today.

I won’t spoil the story, but you should read it. Take 15 minutes and read it slowly. Think back to a Christmas you remember. Think about the way the author captures this moment and about the impact that white space had in her story.

Then think about how her white space has impacted others.

Before you move forward, think about what good a little white space might do for you. As the article shows (far more eloquently than I can convey, mostly because Harper Lee is pretty good at the whole writing bit), you never know how profound the impact might be.

Link: “My Christmas in New York” by Harper Lee

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