I hate waiting.

Ok, hate is a strong word, but I really, really dislike the whole waiting process.

I know this about myself, but I was reminded of it yesterday while sitting in a deer stand on my in-laws’ land.

Here’s my view the day before:

waiting and watching these deer

Here’s my view yesterday.

waiting for cows to move

Cows. COWS. Thirteen cows and a new calf just hanging out keeping the deer from showing up. Not cool.

They were grazing nearby when I arrived around 3:30, and I figured they would just pass through. If anything, I was relieved because they were there when I arrived. That should eliminate the chance of them being there when the deer show up, right? Wrong.

Suffice it to say, yesterday’s experience didn’t help me develop a new found love of waiting.

The only problem with this is that life is so full of waiting. And though it’s not my favorite pastime, at the end of the waiting is often something worthwhile. Last night, I was reminded of this as I turned back to see this after closing a gate.


Worth the wait.

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