Chapter 7 – Inviting Others to THRIVE

Summary from the introduction of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth:

Reflecting is crucial to our learning, but it’s not likely to happen best in isolation. Blogging can draw you into a community of learners online and build your confidence in your professional learning. The journey is rewarding, but risky. In this chapter, we will create a plan for getting started (one of the biggest hurdles all bloggers face), and I’ll share a few reasons I believe that you’re more ready to start sharing your ideas than you may think.


Questions for reflection:

Write down five blog topics you feel you could write today.






Write down your fears about sharing your learning. Come back to this in two months. Craft a blog post about how you are working through these obstacles.

Find an inspirational blog post that you really love and write about how you are going to live out the charge the author set forth. Commit to sharing the first post and your response with at least one teacher you work with daily.