Chapter 6 – Everyday Every Day

Summary from the introduction of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth:

In our efforts to be educators who make an impact, we sometimes forget the value of our hallway conversations and everyday interactions with others. These moments matter greatly as the relational foundation that much of our work rests upon. We will outline some of the most valuable exchanges with students and colleagues that teachers can pursue each and every day on campus.


Questions for reflection:

Everyday interactions are the foundation of campus culture. What are some small, everyday things that can ruin classroom or campus culture? When these show up in your classroom or on your campus, how do you counteract them?

How can you tell when students have meaningful relationships with their teachers? What are those little things that make the difference?

List some specific times during your school day when you want to be deliberate about pursuing everyday interactions. Who are some of the people you will look for? Take a minute to put these reminders on your calendar.