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Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth: 6 Truths That Will Help You THRIVE as an Educator
Most teachers don’t realize that there are myths in education that erode teacher self-confidence and set teachers up for failure. Let’s shatter those myths together to help teachers THRIVE by rejecting isolation, connecting with kids, and disrupting the status quo in education.

Blogging IS Learning: Making Time to Reflect & Grow
When I started to blog, I thought it was to share my ideas with others. It turns out that the growth was really for me. We’ll talk about why to blog, how to get the word out about it, and what to write about. You’ll leave with resources and next steps for getting started or relaunching.

Get Connected: Rejecting Isolation as Educators
Educators cannot thrive in isolation. Sure, we can work hard, push through, and give all we have to our students, but that is not the same as working alongside passionate educators who are interested in improving their craft to serve students well. Social media has changed the way we connect with and learn from our peers in education. This session talks about why to connect, how to connect, and what each of us has to offer as educators that we absolutely must share!

EdCamp Your PD: Creating Simple Personalized PD
We ask teachers to individualize instruction for a diverse group of learners each & every day, but how often does PD individualize for teachers’ needs? To do that would be an incredible amount of work, right? What if it wasn’t? EdCamp Your PD is all about using conversations among staff to validate professional experience & create connections across campus. Teachers will leave empowered, & you won’t leave exhausted. The presentation will include all the schedules, feedback forms, and structures we used to make our day a success!

Create Space to Connect: Launching a District Twitter Chat
On any given school day, educators are both surrounded by people and isolated from their peers as they carry out the day’s work. While this can leave many feeling disconnected, connecting with other educators online can help mitigate some of the isolating nature of our work. Aaron Hogan and Jeremy Stewart created #CSISDchat, a weekly Twitter chat, to help educators reject isolation, celebrate successes, and  continue to grow as professionals. This presentation/workshop shares the process of creating, launching, & sustaining a district Twitter chat.