Too Much

When we try to do everything, we end up missing some of the things that should be staples in our schools. I was reminded of this recently when my family came across this house:


Everything is there. Santa is there. Blow ups are there. Icicle lights. White lights. Multi-colored lights. Lights in trees. Lights across the driveway. Music timed to the lights.

It’s all there. All of it.

But you can’t really see any of it (or at least it’s tough for me).

We have to be careful to not add too much onto our plates as educators. If we don’t we run the risk of appearing a lot like this house. You’ll be bright, you’ll have a lot going on, but you might be a bit of a mess, too.

After writing this, I realize that this very well could just be my personal preference. Some people may flourish in this sort of environment, but it’s not for me. And my boys love the lights. All of it.

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One Reply to “Too Much”

  1. Michelle Christine says:

    Less is more. As administrators we need to prioritize worthwhile change so teachers have the time necessary to delve into their own passions with students.

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