Conduct Your Orchestra Well

9There’s a lot of conversation about school branding happening among educators, and I think that’s time well spent. As a former English teacher, the idea that we both are engaged by and want to be part of meaningful stories isn’t a tough sell for me. How convincing our stories are for our audience greatly depends on our unity as we communicate our message to others.

If you’re the campus leader (or even a campus leader), you have more insight into the vision for your campus than other stakeholders. It’s both your privilege and your responsibility to communicate your school’s story clearly.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to be one voice as you communicate positively with your community. In some instances, an overwhelming majority can overcome a few naysayers, but with a school brand, we are more likely to understand the nuances of our communication if we consider this analogy:

Think of your school’s story as an orchestra that must be conducted. Everyone has a role to play. If parts are missing, the song is not what it should be. Someone who is listening can still follow along if everything isn’t perfect, even still appreciate what he or she is hearing. But the difference between an orchestra that is entirely in tune and one that is almost entirely in tune creates a substantially different sound.

Your role as a school leader is to conduct an orchestra worthy of the efforts your teachers put forth. If a section is out of tune, your story won’t reflect the hard work of the educators in your building. Yes, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that there will be inconsistencies. Yes, we all know there are hiccups throughout every school year. Still, it’s your job as a leader (from anywhere in the building) to serve others well and offer support where needed so that you’re all singing the same song again soon.

What elements of your brand need work? What will it take to conduct your orchestra well? (tweet this)

2 Replies to “Conduct Your Orchestra Well”

  1. Excellent metaphor! Music always has a purpose, direction, story! It is also something that is integrated into the listener’s story! So should our campus brand. Not only the stories we tell, but how we become part of our families’ stories! Great post!!

    1. Thanks for adding that Brett! I hadn’t thought of that implication–that music always tells a story. Thanks for the new idea to think about!

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