A Good Day

Nothing education related here today.


Because today I spent the afternoon with my oldest son. Just me and him.

After eating lunch at one of his favorite places in town, he and I left for Best Buy.

There, we did all sorts of rooting around, but he was especially impressed by the 3D printer that was creating an elephant.

After that, we stopped at an outdoors store en route to a Barnes and Noble.

Didn’t buy anything, but how cute does this kid look in this beanie that was far too expensive to buy?

Once we hit Barnes and Noble, we investigated the Star Wars section (of course) where Graham immediately donned the Kylo Ren mask with lightsaber in hand.

Soon enough, I convinced Graham that we could still have fun without wearing the mask, and he asked him if I would read to him. While looking for one of his favorites, Dragons Love Tacos, we stumbled upon this…

And proceeded to read the whole thing. 300 pages of original trilogy glory. Check it out.

Naturally, we followed up that with another Star Wars book (this time we read a book we own a copy of).

We left pretty soon after this, and apparently that’s all he had energy for. Here’s a pic on the way home.

It was a good day!

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  1. This blog brought back treasured memories of when my daughter Erika and I spent hours in Borders just taking books of the shelf and reading one after another picture book. As she got older she would make her own piles and sit and read until her eyes were red and watery! So many memories are forged just by being in the company of our children, no purchasing, no rushing, just being there. I’m sure it was a fantastic day!

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