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The semester is moving right along, and we’re getting close to that point in the year where many could use a shot of confidence in the arm to help make the second month of the semester as successful and positive as the first.

It’s something we need to plan for. Testing is on the horizon for many, and it often seems like there is so long between breaks that many can become frustrated with where they find themselves. If we don’t do something to stay mindful of our own well being, we often neglect to care for ourselves as we continue to serve others.

So, let’s make an effort to change that.


Take a little time to post that encouraging Tweet or share a thoughtful Facebook message with a few colleagues and extend a little encouragement their way. If it feels funny to try this over social media, grab a stack of sticky notes and start writing out positive thoughts for your peers. For an added challenge, try to do it in 6 words. Yes, six words is totally arbitrary (and it’s highly unlikely to be all you have to say), but I like the creativity required to work within a restriction like this, and I like that we can get across powerful encouragement in such a short message.

Don’t think it can be done? Here are a few things that I think people would like to hear that are communicated in six words:

You are good at your job.

The way you serve others inspires.

Thank you for serving so faithfully.

Your work leaves a profound impact.

You’re the teacher they will remember.

Thank you for always being positive!

Of course there is more that could be said that what you can pass along in six words, but each one of those statements are things that educators work hard to live into. They’re also really high marks for success. When we reach them, we need to celebrate that. When we’re still striving for them, we need not beat ourselves up. Far more important than getting this right in 6 words is getting the encouragement sent to those who need it most.

To the one who started out working tirelessly and is now exhausted.

To the one who can’t balance everything alone anymore.

To the one who lacks confidence in his work.

To the one who doesn’t see the greater good accomplished by her efforts.

To the one who helped students make remarkable progress but feels like a failure because they didn’t pass the test.

To those who want to get better but fear change.

To those who trusted before, got burned, and want to trust again.

Educators–we cannot afford to let time–especially this stressful, critical time– go by without investing in each other. Take time to encourage a colleague.

Please share examples of #6WordEncourage in the comments. Reading through the words others have to share is sure to jog our memory for new people I can seek to encourage.

Finally, to you–the one who will be pouring into others–thank you. You’re sustaining those who support so many.

My #6WordEncourage to you? >>> “Your work gives life to others.”

4 Replies to “Share 6 Encouraging Words #6WordEncourage”

  1. I like this! It reminds me of that word memoirs that I see English teachers sharing with their students and having their students to create. There are so many who could use a positive word of encouragement. This is a perfect activity! Thanks!
    “Aaron, you are inspiring to me!” #6wordencourage

  2. Keep this going please, great job!

  3. Thank you for the thought–I am going to try this with my fellow faculty and with my students. This may also be a great activity for a group of students with whom I am trying to make better connections (and they with each other). I love it!

  4. Elisa Waingort says:

    You are a dedicated, committed teacher.

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