Your Valuable Voice

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This summer, I finally managed to match up the interest in blogging with the time needed to get one off the ground. Pretty early on in the process, I doubted that I had much to share. Even half a year later, those thoughts can creep back in.

When we give time to lies like, “You’ve said all you have to say,” we diminish the value that each of us have to offer to those around us. We convince ourselves we’re less than we really are. We miss the point.

So, I felt it appropriate at this juncture to reshare a post whose message is easy to forget.

With so many educator voices out there, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation.

I know this because I’ve felt this way before. I’m mentioning this now because I felt this way this weekend.

Luckily I came across a video last week that helped my perspective a great deal on this issue. I’d like to share it with you.

I love that question: “Are you holding back something that seems too obvious to share?” That’s so powerful for me because I can talk myself out of a good idea really quickly if I’m not careful. I’ll find a safer route, I’ll bottle up that idea, and then I’ll be frustrated with myself for not speaking up, writing that post, etc.

The other end of this is that I watched that video last week, Tweeted about it, and then felt like I didn’t have anything else to say.

Because I still managed to forget its message in a few days, I wanted to share the message the video brings. Even if it just ends up being for me. That’s enough to make it worth it.

There are a lot of voices receiving a lot of attention right now. Huge education conferences provide the opportunity for some voices to be amplified to untold numbers of educators. We need those amplified voices. Many of them are our champions, our role models, and our friends.

The thing is, we need your voice, too.

I’m not the first person to tell you this, and I won’t be the last person to tell you this, but I’d rather it be said too often than not enough.

You have something to say, and your voice matters.

Your idea may be just what someone needs to hear. Share it!

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