Taking a Break

I came across this picture from Sylvia Duckworth this afternoon, and with a inspiration from her, I’ve made a list of the ways I need to take a break over the next two weeks. Here’s the Duckworth image: 
I find the more general we are about our plans, the more general the results tend to be. I’d like to really get a lot of relaxation out if the break, so I need to take Duckworth’s suggestions and make them my own (otherwise, like many things, they’ll end up just being a tweet instead of a part of meaningful change).

So, here’s my list: 10 ways I can recharge

  1. Blog (that’s not cheating, is it?)
  2. Play some video games (Star Wars Battlefront for me, Disney Infinity with my kids)
  3. Read things that are not school related (Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf, Gratitude by Oliver Sacks, and Painted Horses by Malcolm Brooks to name a few)
  4. Read a few things that are school related and highly interesting to me (Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and I’m sure something else)
  5. Write in my copy of The Steal Like an Artist Journal each day.
  6. Hunt (I’m at my in-laws’ and enjoying being in the country right now actually)
  7. Figure out how to use my new Sphero SPRK (really excited about this actually!)
  8. Sleep late (this will happen soon)
  9. Spend too long at a bookstore or two in town (by my watch, not by anyone else’s…)
  10. Watch some Aggie sports (there’s one football game left and then a few basketball games before I’m back to school)

In no way is this exhaustive, but I thought it would be helpful to have committed to something specific.

What are you doing to rest and recharge over the break?

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