Tonight’s the last night we’re spending away from home. We’re out at my in-laws’ place, and we’ve had a wonderful time. We relaxed, our boys played and played and played, and they enjoyed plenty of the “out in the country” activities that are unique to our time out here.

My boys feeding the cows in their pjs after lunch

I’m up late tonight (it’s around 12:30am as I write this), and the power has gone off. 

It’s so quiet. 

We’re free from a lot of distractions out here already, but the quiet that comes with being out in the country is different from “quiet” at home. But think about those normal noises being gone and then everything else shuts off. 

The a/c is off (yes, we’re running the a/c on December 26th… It is Texas after all…). The fridge is off. The hum of everything electronic is gone. There is no traffic noise, no sounds outside except silence. 

I guess I just didn’t realize how many sources of noise for me there are each day. It’s surprising to really notice the gap that silence like this creates. 

Sitting here in the living room, I can’t remember the last time it was this quiet. Maybe years ago camping.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking through the idea of white space recently, but even my most targeted efforts haven’t been like this. The brief experience tonight makes me think I need to find this more often.

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