Got a Question?


Think about the question you’re thining that you’re not asking. You’re not alone. We all have questions we’re wondering about, things that can’t be asked (or at least haven’t been asked yet).

What are those things? Why can’t we talk about them?

Why not position ourselves as the leaders who are willing to ask those questions?

I’ll be the first to admit that these won’t be easy, breezy conversations. They’ll be tough. But they’ll be intentional, and people will notice. We don’t have to get it perfect to be doing this right. What we can’t have is a mentality on our campuses that allows us and others to exist without having to ever face challenges.

They’re how we grown. They stretch us, reshape us, and refine our thoughts.

So, what are your questions? Write them down. Yes, now. Take a minute .(Seriously, here’s a timer. Use it.)

Two things to wrap up.

  1. What are you going to do with your tough question?
  2. How will you let others with tough questions know it’s ok to ask them (even without, maybe even especially without, an answer)?