Divided Time

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“Divided time and limited energy feel like frequent obstacles.”

That’s what I tweeted out in a chat recently.

As soon as I typed it, I knew it wasn’t the truth.

Because, really, after further reflection, the issue isn’t those limits. It can really feel like divided time and limited energy are what sap me of all I have to give, but I’m the one putting too many things onto my plate and giving too many things priority in a way that I can’t always balance (a limit I don’t enjoy owning up to).

Giving those urgent things priority over what’s important, meaningful, and life-giving prevents us from being the positive change agents we need to be for our students. It seems like we’re serving. It seems like we’re helping. But it’s not. Or at least now how we think.

So, if you catch yourself saying or thinking that things are getting a little out of control, maybe they are. Take some time for yourself. Take some time to recharge. Your work to take care of you will serve those with whom you work well in the end.

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  1. Aaron I like the challenge to look at ourselves when we are feeling overwhelmed. It was like a punch in the face! If I’m stressed out because I am chasing non-essential activities and not building in time for the Vital Few or adding buffer to my schedule … that is my fault!

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