4 Invitations for Students

Educators work in a seemingly contradictory space. All at once we are surround by people and secluded from our peers. For the vast majority of the day, we are literally walled off from each other in most schools. This undoubtedly impacts campus culture. I recently wrote about the power of an invitation, especially in view of this […]

Make an Impact

I don’t think anyone gets started in education without the hope of making a difference, but some sure seem to make more of an impact than others. Why is that? Even among the well meaning, I see a range of successes. Like most people, when I think back on the teachers I had, I had […]

Found Out

I didn’t always wear glasses. And if things had gone my way during that eye exam, I still wouldn’t be wearing them. So I’m my 15 year old self, and I find myself knowing that I’m going to struggle not on the driving test, but I am likely to stumble through the eye exam I’ll […]