An Anxious Moment

Earlier this week, four buildings were evacuated at Harvard University after a bomb threat surfaced. Although this sort of thing happens with some frequency, this was different. I was across the street. I first heard of the threats in the checkout line in a store, and I immediately did what’s become my natural instinct when […]

Two Important Phrases

My oldest, Graham, is four (and he’s awesome) and over the past few weeks, he’s said two things to me that I think aren’t just what four year olds need to hear; they’re what all people need to hear. Here’s how it played out: In general, Graham is a pretty good listener. He knows where the […]

The Right Stories

We like a good story. No, not just me (which could very well be the case in some situations for this former English teacher). We all do. Stories drive us to do more, want more, and achieve more. They’re how we relax, how we inspire, and often, they’re how we find our place. Sometimes, though, I […]

Really Listen

Not long ago, this blog was blocked (by mistake) by a social media provider. Pretty insignificant, right? Well, yes, in one sense; I do have plenty of other ways of communicating and plenty of people who are content to listen to me face to face. Still it was no less frustrating for me, and I […]